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The National Chapter for the United States is located in Washington, DC and organizes the annual Orientale Lumen Conference located there. Local chapters exist in several other cities and meet on a periodic basis. Additional chapters can be started by local groups interested in the goals of the Society. Contact the National Society office for current information about local chapters, or about forming your own, by calling 703-691-8862.

Washington, DC:
Society of Saint John Chrysostom, National Chapter
Contact: Mr. Jack Figel
PO Box 146
Fairfax, VA  22038-0146
Email:  jackfigel@verizon.net

Society of Saint John Chrysostom, Saint Maximos Chapter (Baltimore)
Contact: Father Pascal Morlino, OSB
2612 Wilkens Avenue
Baltimore, MD  21223
Email:  pamorlino@aol.com


Society of Saint John Chrysostom, Southern California Chapter
Contact: Father George Morelli
2579 Luciernaga Ave
Carlsbad, CA  92009-5822
Email:  gmorelli@fdu.edu
Chapter Newsletter: Fall 2009
Program Flyer: Nov. 14, 2009

Society of Saint John Chrysostom
Youngstown-Warren Ohio Chapter
35 Schenley Ave.
Struthers, OH 44471
Phone: (330) 755-5635
Email: vcarchedi@hotmail.com
Chapter Newsletter: November, December 2010
Website: www.byzcath.org/stjohnchrysostom

Massachusetts: (Organizing)
Society of Saint John Chrysostom
Northeast Region Chapter
Contact: Mr. Pat Zoffreo
Phone: (617) 876-7227
Email: zoffreo@aol.com
Flyer: Click here